May 2015 Minutes

Unofficial Minutes of Trustees Meeting of May 21, 2015
Meeting called to order by Nancy at 6:05PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. All trustees and the director were in attendance.
Russ made motion to accept minutes of April 16th meeting. Gloria made the 2nd . All were in favor.
Trustees agreed to move forward in our approach to the State per planning and design grants with a goal for the years 2017 and 2018.
Linda Mack from the Community Foundation of North Central MA will attend our next meeting to discuss managing assets of a foundation for the library. Gloria to look into the possibility of using Grant money to hire an attorney for help in setting up a legal entity for the foundation.
We also discussed and agreed to publish a need for used books that are on the current summer reading list in order to supplement the number of books in the library’s collection.
Marie and Gloria submitted a report on the Boston Library Free Digitization Program and prioritized the main points of the program for us. They suggested that the library enroll in BPL’s free program and that the first project be the digitization of the library’s collection of Clinton High School Yearbooks. The BFPL will have exploratory discussions with the Clinton Historical Society and the Town of Clinton to assess those parties interest in the BPL’s digitization program and to discover what materials they might be interested in digitizing so as not to duplicate our communal interests. A motion to accept the recommendations was made by Susan, 2nd by Russ, and agreed to by all.
Director’s Report
Briefly reviewed budget; April stats for passes, programs and mtgs.; also upcoming library events. DVD fines for late returns were discussed. Trustees would like some statistics to see how big a problem this is before we pursue further. Marie to provide statistics.
Town Offices will be closed on Friday, July 3rd. Gloria made a motion, 2nd by Fran that the library also close on the 3rd. All trustees in agreement.
A “Materials Donations” policy was read and a motion to accept was made by Russ, 2nd by Caroline and agreed to by all.
Warrant to pay outstanding bills is due by noon every other Thursday and therefore should be signed by trustees on Wednesdays. If a holiday or some unforeseen problem arises Marie will notify us so that we may sign before the warrant is brought to the Town Hall.
Our next meeting is scheduled for June 18th at 6PM.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:30PM. Motion made by Gloria and 2nd by Fran. Prior to leaving the meeting the Trustees presented Nancy with a bouquet of flowers. This will be her last meeting as she decided not to run for reelection. All of us wished her well and thanked her for her many years serving as a trustee and her dedication to the library. We will all miss her!
Susan Franco