June 2022 Minutes

Minutes for June 30, 2022 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Director Marie Letarte, VC Sarah Laganelli, Colby Armstrong, Karen Nugent, Chair Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson

Absent: Francisco Ramos

Call to order at 5:50 pm by Chair Wendy Neil

No Public comment

Motion to approve draft minutes of May 31st meeting with amendments by Wendy Neil, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson, all in favor. Colby Armstrong abstained. 4-0-1

Election of officers

            Nomination by Gloria that Wendy and Sarah remain in their positions as Chair & Vice Chair respectively, unanimous vote yes

            Motion to continue contracting Gabby Turcotte for minutes made by Colby Armstrong, all approved

Motion to bring discussion of parking to start of the meeting

            Marie to check with dpw in order to put signs in front of the library


New automatic door, 21st century technology

            Motion activated security camera still in holding pattern with facilities department

ARIS – library survey

            Recorded, passive programs

            New databases

                        Language database, animals for youth


            Made without considering increase of salary, did not update materials line accordingly

            Will use at least $1203 in state aid on materials (things loaned to patrons) in FY23 to stay compliant with the state.  Budget got bigger but percentages didn’t properly adjust, changes overall distribution

Friends Update

            15 new members

            Civic fair registration for July 23

Policies under consideration:

Dress code

Social media document retrieval

            How long to + what to record

Strategic planning consultant

            Two main possible candidates

Racial equity book group presentation – October in Manchester with New England Library Association

Book bike – great for community outreach

Lost materials policy, replacement fee

Advocacy & Outreach Subcommittee update:

            Designers, branding

            Strategic planning committee

Date of next meeting: July 26, 2022

Motion to adjourn at 6:54 pm by Wendy Neil

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte