December 2014 Minutes

 Minutes of Trustees Meeting of December 16, 2014

Meeting called to order at 4:00pm by chairperson Nancy and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. With the exception of Fran Purcell, all members and director were in attendance.

Motion to accept minutes of Nov. 20th meeting was made by Russ, 2nd by Caroline and accepted by all.


Trustee Report was read, discussed and motion to accept made by Susan, 2nd by Caroline and approved by all. Report will be posted on web site. Marie and Gloria to research the possibility of digitalizing some of the older collection now out of copyright.

Russ made a motion, 2nd by Gloria and accepted by all, to close the library on the Friday and Saturday (Dec 26 and 27) after Christmas.

Trustees suggested that Marie look into finding a back-up person to perform maintenance duties if Robert should not be available and to check on a fire drill policy for the Library. We briefly discussed Grades and Steps provided by the Personnel Board. All agreed to discuss this at our meeting in January.


Directors Report

  1. Went over budget briefly; stats for Nov. programming were supplied by Marie.

  2. a) Inclement Weather/ Emergency Policy, originally approved by trustees in January 2014, was revised. The temperatures for closing have been changed to conform with that of the U.S. Department of Labor. Russ made motion to accept as amended, Gloria 2nd and board approved unanimously.

    b) Lending& Circulation Policy was also amended. A section pertaining to Fines and Lost Items was added. Motion to accept as amended made by Russ, 2nd by Gloria accepted by all.

  3. a) Discussed Library Calendars — a Teen Writing Group and MAGNA Club will be introduced in January by Michelle.

    b) Trustees unanimously selected Gloria to extend a short welcoming speech at the upcoming Legislative Breakfast.

  4. Marie contacted Di-Rock about installing a device to alert staff to any unauthorized entries or exits of emergency exit door in basement. The device is called an STI Exit Stop. Specs were provided to us. Susan made motion to accept, 2nd made by Gloria and agreed to by all.

  5. Marie and Gloria to brainstorm on obtaining Grants for the library. Marie provided us with a letter of intent form sent to the MA Board of Library Commissioners for a program called Pathways to Success: Digital Media Literacy Skills.

After some discussion by all members about the day and times of our meetings Russ made a motion ,2nd by Susan to return to our original 3rd Thursday of the month and to have the time be from 6pm with an end time of 8pm. All members approved.

Next meeting to be held on January 15, 2015 from 6 – 8pm. Meeting adjourned at 5:20pm.