June 2021 Minutes

Bigelow Free Public Library

Library Board of Trustees 06/22 draft minutes

June 22, 2021

Call to order at 4:31 PM via Zoom

In Attendance: Gloria Parkinson (chair), Wendy Neil, Karen Nugent, Sarah Laganelli, E. Russell Grady, Marie Letarte (Library director), Rob Favini & Maura Deedy (Mass Board of Library Commissioners trustee consultants)


Recommendation to move Advocacy of trustees to the beginning of the meeting in consideration of Rob Favini & Maura Deedy’s time, suggested by Gloria Parkinson.

Advocacy presentation given by Maura Deedy and Rob Favini.

     A. Importance of and description of advocacy
          I. Develop stories, messaging, budgeting
          II. Board involvement in policy, recommendation to form an advocacy subcommittee
          III. https://guides.mblc.state.ma.us/c.php?g=43533&p=8035345 Rob Favini and Maura Deedy left the meeting at 5:10.

Nomination for Chair of Trustees

  1. Russell Grady nominated Wendy Neil for Chair (Accepted nomination). Unanimous vote in favor.
  2. Russell Grady nominated Sarah Laganelli for vice chair (Accepted nomination). Unanimous vote in favor.

Motion to accept minutes of May 20 as amended by Karen Nugent; seconded by E Russell Grady. Unanimous vote in favor.

Motion to accept DEI library policy made by Gloria Parkinson; seconded by E. Russell Grady. Unanimous vote in favor.

Discussion about the procedure required to appoint a new board member, after the resignation of an elected one. Trustees decided to skip the July meeting with the Selectboard to determine course of action.

Meeting adjourned at 6:11 PM

Minutes submitted by Gabby Turcotte