April 2015 Minutes

Minutes of Trustees Meeting of April 16, 2015

Meeting called to order by Nancy at 6:05pm and Pledge of Allegiance was recited. All members were present.

March minutes, with two corrections to be made, were approved by Caroline and 2nd by Russ. All agreed to accept.


  1. A fire drill was held on April 9 — everything went well. Russ made a motion, 2nd by Gloria, to hold a fire drill annually. All were in favor.

  2. Discussed a job description for the hiring of an archival intern to help with on-line research. A draft, outlining a specific project, time frame and salary must be put in place. A motion to accept was made by Russ, 2nd by Caroline and agreed to by everyone.

  3. A second and final State Aid check was awarded to the BFPL in the amount of $9,154.74. We have received a total of $18,214.34 in StateAid for 2015.

  4. Trustees were given a report, written by Gloria, about a workshop she had attended in Boston which covered many aspects on developing a historical records collection. Fran made a motion to accept, 2nd by Caroline. All were in favor.


Directors Report

  1. Marie and Gloria attended a CFNCM (Community Foundation of North Central MA) General Fund Presentation 5013C on managing assets of a foundation for the library. The foundation would be independent of the town and separate from the Friends group. A speaker on this subject is tentatively scheduled for our June meeting.

  2. Budget was reviewed and Marie gave us a sheet from Jim Tomolo (Finance Comm. Chair) showing a 2.5% increase if an override is voted in at Town Meeting. New roof will be placed on warrant as a separate article.

  3. March stats for passes used, programs and meetings were provided us.

  4. A Drug Paraphernalia policy was presented. Russ made motion to accept, 2nd made by Gloria and approved by all. Russ also made a motion to make a policy that any training seminar or conference which will involve expenditures of or over $100 should be approved beforehand by the Board of Trustees. Fran 2nd this motion and alll agreed to accept.

  5. After some discussion we also all agreed that long-term planning should be addressed under Old Business each month.

  6. A long-term Resource Guide from the MA Libraries Board of Library Commissioners was given to us by Marie It contained a brief outline with proposed deadlines for the steps necessary to do a feasibility study and create a schematic design for a major library facilities project in order to get us from where we are at now to the submission of a grant. This to be discussed at greater length in the future.

May 21,2015 at 6pm was confirmed as the date of our next meeting. We adjourned at 7:35pm.

Motion to do so made by Fran and 2nd by Susan. All agreed.

Susan Franco