September 2023 Minutes

Minutes for September 27, 2023 – Board of Library trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson, Chair Karen Nugent, Jill Ashton, Director Marie Letarte

Absent: Colby Armstrong, Francisco Ramos

Call to order at 6:04 pm by Karen Nugent

No public comment

Motion to approve minutes for August made by GP, seconded by WN. No changes. All in favor


            MPLCP grant application update

            Director’s report

                        150th anniversary update


                                    “A dollar a day” campaign

                        Friends update

Old home day book sale successful

                        Motion to send official letter of appreciation to Friends for success at Old Home Day from the trustees, all approved                 

                        Challenge update – nothing to report

            Subcommittee update

                        Building and facilities

                                    Looked at site 150 School Street, decided it had potential

                        Advocacy and outreach

                                    Program attendees, museum pass usage and new library card sign ups trending upward

                                    Any library service that people are using: WHY are they using it?

                                    More people are ordering books and coming in to pick them up rather than browsing shelves

                                    Lots of patron feedback on dot boards


                                    Talked about being book sanctuary; no decision made

Director’s evaluation result

Marie and Wendy’s results were merged, though they were initially formatted differently

Overall very good

            Communication issues

            Goals to improve over following year

New business 

            “Nook” individual study pod could be worth purchasing with state aid

Unfinished business


Date of next meeting: Tuesday October 24, 2023 6 pm

Motion to adjourn at 7:14 pm by Karen

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte