February 2022 Minutes

Minutes for February 24, 2022 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, chair, Gloria Parkinson, Colby Armstrong, Karen Nugent (via telephone), Francisco Ramos (via telephone), Marie Letarte, library director

(Gloria left at 6:15)

Call to Order at 5:27 by Wendy Neil

No Public comment

Motion to approve minutes for January by Gloria, 2nd by Wendy.

Motion to accept amended minutes by Wendy, 2nd by Karen. Unanimously approved

New business

            Director’s report

                        Community room painted, chalkboard removed, carpet scheduled for installation March 18, chairs ordered but being held until they can be put in the room,

                        Shared programming with other libraries continues

                        In person Ask a Muslim Anything March 31

            Live Program March 9th – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

                        February was Library lover’s month

                        Budget on track

                        Awarded a Preservation Grant from MBLC – to hire a consultant to assess spaces for housing materials and produce a report about climate control, mold, insects, etc. Whatever would affect the space and preservation of materials.

                        New hires started this week  

                        Museum passes going out more frequently than in the past year

                        Donation bin for copies more beneficial than just charging for copies

            Mask mandate

                        Governor lifted mask mandate requirements, optional according to the board of health, Trustees had a discussion about continuing the mandate or not. Some topics:

  • Staff’s opinion – personal choice, remove requirement, follow state guidelines
  • No vaccine for kids under 5, should be required in children’s room until there is an appropriate vaccine
  • One policy for all departments
  • Trustee’s opinions –
  • hard to go stronger than the mandate
  • protect children,
  • not mandatory but should be advised, offer masks to children under 5,
  • wouldn’t stop individuals from wearing masks, personal choice rather than requirement

Motion to make mask optional by Gloria, Gloria – yes, Wendy – no, Colby – yes, Francisco yes, Karen no – Approved 3:2

            Library sign requested to traffic committee

            Director’s room assessment

                        Cleaning for the purpose of being able to reach the shelves, renovating space, Director’s office may be moved, removing books

Old business and subcommittee updates

            Advocacy and outreach

  • Friends issues, find new members
  • reach new members in the community, inviting to meetings
  • Traffic committee must approve sign

            Old book collection project

                        Items have been counted, ~32,946

                        Motion to put collection out to bid following procurement procedures by Wendy, 2nd by Colby. Wendy yes, Colby yes, Francisco yes, Karen yes – Unanimously approved

            Community room subcommittee

                        150 year recognition of library as a town department, 1873 – 2023, Would have library’s branding, outside branding professional

                        Motion to approve advocacy subcommittee having recognition of 150 years celebration by Colby, 2nd by Gloria. Unanimous Approved

Date of next meeting: March 29, 6pm

Motion to adjourn at 6:34 by Colby Armstrong, 2nd by Wendy Neil, all approved

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte