March 2022 Minutes

Meeting of Board of Library Trustees, March 29, 2022

In attendance: Trustees Wendy Neil (WN), Chair; Sarah Laganelli (SL), Vicechair; Colby Armstrong (CA); Karen Nugent (KN); Gloria Parkinson (GP); Francisco Ramos (FR); Library Director Marie Letarte (ML); Town Administrator/ Town Procurement Officer Michael Ward (MW)

Call to Order: 6:05 PM made by WN.

Motion made by GP to move old book collection project out of agenda order. Seconded by CA. Vote 6-0.

Old Book Collection Project: Town Procurement Officer MW reviewed with trustees and library director the state (M.G.L Chapter 30B) and town procedures required for the now completed library review of books in the old collection to be considered surplus property and, as such, the procedures required to remove them from the library. (The library’s review of all old collection books has been ongoing since 2014. See BoT reports at

Motion made by WN to classify the books in the old collection as surplus property. Seconded by SL Vote 6-0

Motion made by WN to authorize Library Director ML to work with Town Procurement Officer MW on procedures for the disposal of surplus library property. Seconded by SL. Vote 6-0.

Town Administrator/Town Procurement Officer MW then left the meeting.

Public comment: None

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve draft minutes of February 24 meeting made by GP. Seconded by CA. Vote 6-0.

Motion to approve amended minutes of February 24 meeting made by GP. Seconded by CA. Vote 6-0.

Director’s Report: Although the almost-finished Community Room is beginning to be used, the planned comfortable furniture has yet to arrive. (See below for grand opening plan in May.) Other ongoing matters are security cameras, street library signs. After a successful grant application the preservation assessment project will start in June conducted by North East Document Conservation Center staff. Library patrons continue to favor e-books and e-audios over in-house library visits. Zoom annual subscription will be renewed. Friends update: Heidi Caisse has stepped forward to re-ignite the Friends. There’ll be a meeting on Thursday, April 14 at 6:30 PM. Trustees are invited. ML described the ongoing issues around Hoopla, a digital lender service similar to OverDrive. Since Hoopla is working to resolve its issues, the library will remain a subscriber at this time. Library policies: ML reminded the trustees of a number of current library policies—Lending and Circulation, Filming and Photography, Request for Removal of Library Materials—that are available to the public at the circulation desk. ML asked if there might be trustee policy subcommittee to review and possibly update library policies. The library’s FY 2023 budget request will go before the Financial Committee tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30 at 6:00 PM.

Glass Floor Preservation: Trustees and Library Director agreed to explore ways to preserve and repurpose undamaged pieces of the historic glass floor currently in the closed stacks.

Advocacy & Outreach Subcommittee:  Discussion focused on moving branding design forward especially in the light of next year’s planned celebration of the library’s 150th year of support by the town.

Motion made by GP for BoT authorization to spend not-to-exceed $6,000 for a consultant to design branding materials to be used consistently for all library communication and promotional materials. Seconded by FR. Vote 6-0.

Community Room Subcommittee: Discussion on a “Grand Opening” of the refurbished Community Room. Date selected: A ribbon-cutting Open House on Sunday, May 22, 1-3 PM. Details: Food and music with more details to come.

Date of next meeting: April 26, 6:00 PM

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by GP at 7:54 PM. Seconded by CA. Vote 6-0