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Upcoming program

Who Invented the Gasoline Automobile?

The Bigelow Free Public Library will be hosting Clinton resident Carol Jean Lambert to talk about who invented the gasoline automobile. She will be presentincarg her talk on Wednesday, June 10 at 6:00 in the Community Room.

John Lambert, known as the Father of the Gradual Transmission during his lifetime, built the first gasoline-powered automobile in Ohio in January 1891.  It may not have been a big seller then, but in 1902 the Lambert auto company began producing its eponymous car.

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What would happen if the TARDIS landed at Downton Abbey?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I love Doctor WhoTARDIS1 & Downton Abbey.  They are filled with such interesting characters who don’t ever do what I want them to. (Okay, I’m only on series 4 for Doctor Who and in the middle of season 5 for Downton Abbey, but still, I’m getting there. Me and my DVD player). So I was thinking what would happen if the TARDIS (for those of you who don’t know, that is the Doctor’s mode of transportation) landed at Downton Abbey

  • With lips in a state of disapproval, Carson would have it removed from the premises. Maybe sent to the barn, if it absolutely had to be saved. After all, a police call box is so gauche.
  • Tom Branson would try to tinker with it to see what’s wrong.
  • Lady Mary would look at the Doctor to possibly add him to her list of potential unsuitable suitors.
  • Captain Jack Harkness would surely see through Thomas Barrow‘s exterior and flirt like mad, only to leave him behind with a broken heart when the TARDIS is repaired.
  • Dowager Countess Violet Crawley would definitely say something droll, then pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • Trying to satisfy her urge for adventure, Lady Edith Crawley, would vie to be the Doctor’s next companion.
  • And, of course, Harriett Jones, former Prime Minister, and Mrs. Isobel Crawley, distantly related to the family by marriage, would have a deja vu moment or two.

There are so many possibilities with this match-up. But luckily for everyone, I’m not writing the series.

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Be Smart with Your Money at the Library

Fun Fact: The week of April 18 to 25 was designated ‘Money Smart Week’ by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Though it’s possible that the week is only celebrated in the ‘Land of Lincoln’, there are many ways we all can be smart about money:

1) The Bigelow Free Public Library hosted “Get in the Financial Groove” on tax day (April 15). A seasoned financial adviser answered questions and told tales from her own life and those of her clients (anonymously, of course). Tales covered both what you should and should not do with your money.

Learn at the library for free. Every Wednesday night, the library is open late (8:00 pm) and we frequently have live programs — workshops, music, classes, entertainment — free and open to the public.

2) Have you borrowed materials from the library lately (books, DVDs, audios)? Next time, take a look at your due-date slip and see how much money you saved by borrowing items instead of buying them! The average cost of a hard cover adult book is $25. Could you afford to spend that much on books every week? Even if you buy a new paperback from the airport rack, it’ll still cost you at least $6.99 (plus tax).

3) Do you trawl the Internet using Wi-Fi in a café? How much do you spend on coffee or snacks or lunch while you’re using the Wi-Fi? The Bigelow Free Public Library (and most libraries in Massachusetts) have free Wi-Fi you can hook into. True, we don’t have lattés or scones, but we do have a quiet community space to study in. Depending on the time of day and the direction of the sun, you don’t even have to leave your car.

4) Planning a vacation to Spain (or France or China or Korea,) but you don’t have the extra money to take a language course? The library subscribes to Rocket Languages’ so you don’t have to! Just sign up and log in from our website. You can study on your own time and be ready (or slightly more prepared) for your next trip abroad. Spend the money you saved on an extra souvenir.

5) The average cost of admission to a museum is $10. With a family of four, that’s $40 – plus lunch – and (if you’re in my family) a trip to the gift shop. Next time you want to go to a local (or not so local) museum, borrow a pass from the library. We’ve got a bunch of them, just call (or check here) to see what’s available. Some passes allow for completely free entry (Museum of Russian Icons, for instance) and others offer a 50 percent discount. Either way, you’re being smart with your money.

So, the next time someone asks, “What’s in your wallet?” tell them you have a library card, because the benefits you get far outweigh those from a credit card. Be money smart every week at your library. 

As printed in the ITEM, 5/1/15
Marie Letarte Mueller is director of the Bigelow Free Public Library.

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FREE Foreign Language Learning Online


Sign up to learn Spanish, French, Sign Language, Portuguese, German, English, Chinese and more!

Just by being a Bigelow Free Public Library user, you can register for FREE online language classes!

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Driver’s Ed Practice Exams Online

road sign

The Bigelow Free Public Library has formed a partnership with Driving-Tests.org to offer FREE practice exams for RMV permits, car, motorcycle, and CDL licenses. 

The Massachusetts-specific exams are accessible from the library website at www.bigelowlibrary.org.  The collection includes Spanish versions of road sign practice exam and MA Driver’s Handbook. The site also include frequently asked questions about obtaining a Massachusetts driver’s license.

“This is just one more way we can help our patrons succeed with online resources,” says library director, Marie Mueller.  The practice exams and electronic handbooks are accessible from home, as well as in the library.

As always, this online resource is FREE to the public.
Call (978) 365-4160, ext. 221 for more information.

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Check Out Bigelow Library on Pinterest!!!

pinterest_logoNow you can find us on Pinterest!!  You’ll find up-to-date information about upcoming programs, new items we get at the library – including books and movies – and fun projects and pins for your amusement!
Click HERE to check it out today! 

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Researching Your Family Tree?

The Bigelow Library has subscribed to the following databases for library members:

Heritage Quest (accessible from our Online Resources tab from any computer)
Ancestry.com (accessibility is only available on library computers)

Both of these well-known resources can give you access to primary research documents like census data and birth and death records.


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How much is the library worth to you?

Do you check out movies? Attend programs? Borrow books? However you engage with the library, it’s worth something.

The Massachusetts Library Association invites you to calculate your library use into real money: http://www.chelmsfordlibrary.org/library_info/calculator.html

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What Should I Read Next?

You know the feeling: finishing a thrilling novel or an engaging nonfiction work and wanting to sustain that momentum to the next book. But what is that next book?
Books & Authors is a great resource that offers ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors, and topics. 

Use this FREE resource to spice up your reading with expert title recommendations, seasonal suggestions, read-a-likes, and award and community lists. Click here to access Books & Authors. 

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners purchases this resource with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for use by all Massachusetts residents. 
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